Our Story

Christian Bling was created by a group of mothers and their daughters looking for a way to share their faith in a fun and trendy way.

Recognizing that close to 80% of the US population identify themselves as Christians, we set out to create fashionable and meaningful accessories that communicate what we stand for and who we are. We design items with broad appeal to represent all Christians including unique crosses and medals, as well as vintage and replicated saint medals and crucifixes.

Initially we created pieces for our immediate community but word quickly spread and we began receiving requests from an ever broadening circle. The response was overwhelming and it seemed everyone wanted to own a piece of Christian Bling. We were truly awed to see our pieces inspiring hundreds of faith conversations.

It was at this point we recognized Christian Bling was best sold in communities. We found a wonderful niche in the direct sales industry: Christian Bling is the only direct sales company that sells 100% faith inspired products. From the curious woman looking for ways to share her faith or generate additional part time income to the ambitious entrepreneur interested in starting her own flexible full time business, our Consultants have faith in common.

Our Customers want to wear meaningful jewelry and give inspired gifts. Every piece in the Christian Bling line is named to reflect appreciation for biblical characters, verses and messages. The meaning behind each piece adds special significance to our Customers personal selections and gift choices.

Today we help women build fun and lucrative home based businesses while empowering them through faith. Wearing faith-based jewelry conveys a quiet message; inspiring, comforting, and silently speaking volumes. We invite you to wear and share your faith for we believe it’s your best accessory.