It takes tremendous team work and dedication to thoughtfully interact with Consultants and Customers in the manner Christian Bling aspires to impact them.

For our Consultants, the entire Christian Bling team is committed to helping these women build fun and lucrative home based businesses while empowering them through faith.

For our Customers, Christian Bling’s jewelry and gifts set us apart by combining meaningful messages with appealing artisan designs any man, woman or child is excited to receive and wear.

We invite you to learn a bit more about our corporate team and be inspired to wear and share your faith for we believe it’s your best accessory.

April Nagel – CEO, Founding Partner

April loves developing an idea, building a business around it and working hard to make it a success. As the CEO and founder of a successful recruiting company, April has been recognized numerous times in the business community as a dedicated, determined leader who knows her priorities and lives them. An avid shopper and gift giver, she found it disappointing that good looking, trendy religious jewelry and accessories were so hard to find. Combine this with a love of fashion, color, craftsmanship and religious artifacts and ‘ta-dah’ Christian Bling was born! April sets the direction at Christian Bling envisioning a big future which includes profoundly impacting our Consultants and Customers. A multi-talented and committed entrepreneur, April is delighted that three of her children are gaining hands on experience at Christian Bling.

Mary Voss – DIRECTOR OF FIELD STRATEGY, Founding Partner

Mary is committed to the Christian Bling mission of selling unique religious jewelry while delivering soul stirring messages. She champions the concept of selling our pieces among friends at home parties because she feels, “Sharing our Christian faith is a reason to celebrate!” With a solid background in corporate sales, Mary is equally committed to the corporate gift and community fundraising markets. She works to expand our Consultant team and offer them strategic ways to broaden their outreach and income potential with flexible, meaningful business opportunities. Acutely aware of God’s purpose for her involvement in Christian Bling, Mary delights in developing this business venture with her daughter, Maria Rose, who is one of our junior partners.

Lori Reinstein – DIRECTOR OF DESIGN, Founding Partner

With a deep appreciation for artistic expression, Lori is a natural at conjuring fresh designs and enjoys sharing her faith through the jewelry she creates. Lori is a skilled artisan who understands how to work with various materials and combine elements in stunning fashion. She has worked with master craftsmen to learn the techniques of chaining, soldering, engraving, knotting, macramé and stone setting. Lori can be found newly bejeweled every day as increasingly more beautiful designs come from her creative vision. The smiling faces of customers choosing pieces that hold special meaning for them makes Lori’s work all the more rewarding. Being the master designer she is, when asked which piece was her favorite, she said, “I have a new favorite each week!”


Kathy has the role of managing all Christian Bling resources, from inventory to personnel. Her background in the fashion industry nurtured her natural flair for inventory selection and display. Scouring local, national and international venues, Kathy leads the way in sourcing the finest materials from reliable suppliers. Then puts her fashion forward eye to work in laying out the corporate event displays with true panache. She is equally adept at managing our personnel team to ensure time and talent are coordinated with strategic precision. Kathy loves the friendships Christian Bling fosters as God brings all the right people together to grow this venture.

Marie McCarthy – Founding Partner

Marie is a Founding Partner at Christian Bling and says, “The opportunity to build, launch and grow the company is exciting and a great way to experience faith, fashion and friendship together.” Marie has enjoyed a diverse career as an attorney and a fashion boutique store co-owner. She currently consults with Christian Bling on an as needed basis. She is a stylish dresser with fashion forward accessorizing skill. Her wearing of rosary inspired necklaces was the impetus behind many of the styles our designers created for Christian Bling. Her daughter, Lily is one of our junior partners.

Mary Ruth Nagel – Junior Partner

Mary Ruth has an ambitious interest in a medical career but knows solid business experience will always serve her well, especially when based on faith. She balances rigorous college academics and her role as a junior partner at Christian Bling with finesse and a sense of fun! Raised in a devout Catholic family, with a beautiful chapel in their own home, Mary Ruth has been instilled with a deep love of her faith. She says, “From the time I was small, every piece of jewelry my father gave me has always been faith based.”

Maria Rose Voss – Junior Partner

Maria is a passionate young lady with many talents. She is college soccer player leaning toward an International Business and Spanish major as she hopes to combine her love of languages, art, faith, and business into an exciting career that empowers women to rise above daunting circumstances. As a junior partner she’s learning all the ropes of operating a successful business. From following fashion trends, to working with customers at shows, she moves A through Z covering all the business bases. A strong faith-based family upbringing and a creative flair make ‘fashion with faith’ a natural for Maria.

Reis Reinstein – Junior Partner

From a young age Reis has known she wanted to work as a veterinarian and while college life is bringing her closer step by step, she values the business experience she gains as a junior partner at Christian Bling. Like her mother, Reis particularly enjoys the design aspect of the business. She also lends a hand on administrative tasks and assists at trunk shows helping clients select just the right piece. Her pleasure in helping people extends beyond Christian Bling as Reis routinely devotes time each year to missions work in Kentucky.

Brittany Rose – Junior Partner

Brittany thinks her calling may be in business and as one of Christian Bling’s 5 junior partners, Brittany is getting a taste of what growing a business from the ground up is all about. She enjoys the fun and creative work environment and appreciates the opportunity to learn a business from every angle mixing it up during the work day by handling administrative tasks and assisting at shows. Living her faith is important to Brittany and she demonstrates this both inside Christian Bling and in her outside participation with Habitat for Humanity.

Lily English – Junior Partner

Lily is pursuing a college degree in psychology and has a compelling story to explain why. She struggles with an eating disorder that through faith and excellent psychological coaching she is learning to conquer. She believes God allows us to face tough situations so that with His help we can grow strong, overcome, and help others. She is the impetus behind the ‘Stay Strong Recovery Line’ for our sister company Catholic Bling. We are fortunate to have her as a junior partner where she inspires us with her courage!